Friday, July 12, 2013

Microsoft Reorganizes

Microsoft Group, which seeks to regain ground against rivals Apple and Google , announced Thursday an overhaul of its internal organization. "We regroup behind a single strategy as one company. Not a collection of strategies divisions " , said the CEO, Steve Ballmer , in an email to all employees released by the group.
Microsoft had previously structured around a series of its products divisions (the Windows operating system, office suite Office, the search engine Bing, console video games Xbox ...), each with its own teams engineering, marketing or finance.


The giant now wants "more collaborative" and organized around eight major cross functions with one financial division, one for marketing, one for research or engineering one. Products are grouped into the latter into four categories: cloud computing operating systems, applications (cloud), and devices. The transformation will take place over the next twelve months. The goal is to have "a consistent message" to customers and application developers, according to Steve Ballmer, which calls for "see the product line as a whole and not as a series of islands" .

Ballmer assured that there was "no planned redundancies" . The functions of the executive of the group, however, been redistributed.


The month of June was marked by the surprise resignation, the director of the division "leisure" Microsoft, Don Mattrick , party lead the social gaming company Zynga. Shortly before Microsoft had been the subject of criticism after the presentation of its future console, the high price ($ 500) and features flanged, as the inability to sell or share of games , had angered many players. Microsoft had finally backtracked on some of the limitations of the console, but shortly before the announcement of the departure of Mr. Mattrick.

The reorganization of the group also is part of Microsoft to refocus services and electronics. Microsoft, whose software still very involved in the world of PC suffers from the deep crisis of the market. Global sales of personal computers fell 10.9% in the second quarter, its fifth consecutive quarter of decline, shows a study published by the Gartner consulting firm, confirming the devastating effect of the rise of tablet computers on the market the PC.

He completely redesigned the end of October its Windows operating system for adapting to touch screens of smartphones and tablets, two niches where it has become well behind Apple and Google (via its software Android used by many manufacturers) . Ballmer also said Thursday that the motive was a priority.

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