Friday, May 17, 2013

Google Launched Gaming Platform

During its annual conference / I O, the group search engine Google launched on Wednesday 15 May, its own platform game This service introduced such a system of "success", as is already the case on consoles or PC (Steam), when a player performs certain tasks in a game The service is also designed to synchronize backups of the same title on different Android devices. It allows multiple players to compete online. This device is also compatible with other Google services such as Google Plus social network.

In an attempt to succeed his arrival in the game, Google has partnered with major players of the mobile game, as Gameloft. But the platform also wants to open a few independent studios, as 2D Boy and the title World of Goo. The new system is designed for Google Android devices, but also has a version for Apple's iOS. One way to pursue its strategy of services on a competing platform.

A recent study from Flurry Analytics shows that gaming applications are an important part of the uses of tablets and smartphones. Of all the applications used by consumers, games account for 40% of time spent. In terms of revenue, also dominate games. 22 of the 25 fastest growing applications on the U.S. App Store are games, "analyzes the research firm.

On Android too, gaming applications can be acclaimed by users Playstore. Some songs like the game Angry Birds Plague or strategy with millions of downloads.

This is, indeed, not the first time that the group search engine stepped into the field of play recently, Google launched Ingress a game "alternate reality", allowing, through a smartphone to transform a city playground

With the new service, Google intends to become a platform, the equivalent of Apple game center. The American group is indeed able to impose its system order to compare scores globally. Even if the cloud is the specialty of Google, it will be difficult for the group to establish itself in the field of gaming.

Since the announcement of the closure of the OpenFeint system, competition is fierce for this type of platform. Japanese Gree had indeed acquired in 2011 for 100 million dollars, this system is available on both Android and iOS, before announcing the end of 2012, its closure.

Before Google, other major groups of new American technologies have also outlined a strategy related to video games. This is the case of the distribution group Amazon, which launched last year, a game on Facebook. Yahoo! also has just announced the acquisition of the sapling that specializes in mobile gaming, Loki Studios.

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