Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nintendo puzzle: Professor Layton does not need 3D

It may be puzzled again: time for Christmas, there is the fifth episode of the series game wise to Professor Layton. This time the adventure into the desert - at least those who have appropriate Nintendo model. I stand in the desert town and am thinking. Professor Layton gave me a riddle: "A and B have played a card game for ten rounds against each other, the rules:. Both draw a card fire beats wood, wood beats water and water beats fire Total A moved three times fire, five wood.. water twice. B drew fire twice, three times and five times wood water. A draw was not available. Who won? "

It is the 29th a total of 130 puzzles that I have to solve, if I want to play through "Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle." And I really want to. The first parts I've played through thrilled my Nintendo DS was the year around except on unused. Now I have an extra concern the successor to Nintendo 3DS in order to crack the latest "Layton" part.

Professor Layton and I are old friends. We met in a small town and have since been around a lot: We stream linearized by London and traveled through time, sitting in the mysterious Molentary Express or in Layton's old car, we have uncovered the secret of Misthallery and found a golden garden.

Gentleman for Gentleman

Now we are in Monte D'Or, an entertainment oasis in the desert that looks like a little Las Vegas. This carnival is celebrated, there are casinos and every evening a parade. Leads us but not the pleasure here, but - as so often - a cry for help by mail. A masked gentleman drifting on the loose in the city, wrote Layton's old friend, Angela. This mysterious villain transformed obviously tourists in horses or in statues - and no one can halt him. The professor should help the city now.

While Hershel Layton is not a detective, but Ärchaologe. Nevertheless, he is often called in to help, because he loves puzzles and solve any tricky case. He is always impeccably dressed, with a dark coat and a large cylinder. And he uses phrases such as "splendid", "excellent" or "to the test".

Always at his side is the little boy Luke, who has named himself to Layton's assistants. Later still came to Emmy, the assistant to the professor. A little odd, it seems already that the grown man with a boy constantly surrounds, which incidentally is the son of a friend. But in the fifth episode - and incidentally second trilogy - the complex Layton saga behind I do not even ask the occupation.

Crazy stories instead of 'wow' factor

The actual case is only the basic story, in which so many Kniffeleien embedded as just fit inside. Every few steps you come across a mystery, so you should really have fun brainstorming. The overall problem to solve rather indirectly, a few puzzles to really wear in action. The story will come off of its quasi alone, through movies with some surprising twists.

Some puzzles must be solved, however, or it will not continue. Additionally, it will just look everywhere and not just collect hint coins, but also the hidden mystery. Because in some places it is as long as no progress until you can show a certain number of solved puzzles. On the gameplay has changed little overall. The most important changes:

3D: The new Layton is running only on the Nintendo 3DS. Many long-established fan must therefore get a new device. The 3-D effect that one might find pretty, but to me he got on his nerves. That's why I issued the function for most of the game - that was it. Professor Layton needs namely actually not 3D, but you can solve puzzles, too. But beware: Some discoveries one makes only in 3-D mode.

The new control system: The event will now take place on the top screen, while being controlled on the bottom with a pen. A magnifying glass makes it easy to browse: Is there something to discover, it will turn orange ( see photo gallery ). Is there anything to enlarge, they turn blue. After a short period of adaptation in order to get along well.

Game within the game: In a period of history the whole game suddenly changes its character. One controls Professor Layton and his friend Randall by a pyramid, is fighting against mummies and solves puzzles in between. The excursion to another computer game world was indeed a interesting experiment - but basically not my case. As for Professor Layton, I'm probably a traditionalist.

Klug think outside the box

What the Professor Layton series so magical makes are the lovely details. There is plenty to discover around every corner and hide surprises. It never gets boring. Even the puzzles are pretty varied. Times you have to expect, sometimes push blocks, push penguins or find errors - and often just think wisely around the corner.
The first 30 puzzles me wonder though - as always - why I am working on a game that is apparently intended for children. That sounds but soon. The puzzles are difficult, sometimes I have to buy for the hint coins tips, and sometimes, as in a difficult sliding puzzle, I pfeffere the Nintendo 3DS angry including Professor in the corner, or press it to someone in the hand who understands better sliding puzzles as I.

For this is the charming to the game: The family can join and contribute their talents. Is a puzzle too hard, you can pass the device or think together and find a solution. You can reach the way quickly that have won at number 29 enigma of Player A must. A timber moved five times and has won it three times and lost twice. Moved as B Wood, A won three times and lost twice. Solved quite admirably.

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