Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Need for Speed: Most Wanted"

The studio, which had the accident Please direct game series "Burnout", now makes "Need for Speed". The last part of the series was a flop, makes 'Most Wanted' it better? Yes, except for one drawback: the miserable rubber band.

My Mustang has fallen into the oncoming traffic, has tangled with a pickup truck and lost. But I had only just made three places. Anyway: The accident looked spectacular. Now I would be back last. And by a large margin. But my opponent wait until my Mustang again with all four wheels on the road is, I can open the throttle and the race finally win another. The rubber band has struck again. This time in my favor.

The rubber band is an essential component of a "Need for Speed" car racing game. It describes a mechanism to ensure that remain exciting race, no one moves too far away and no one will be left behind completely. Like a rubber band are related to cars. Falls back someone or dashes before he pulls the opponent. The field is closer together than would be possible under the laws of physics would be. Sometimes the rubber band is very flexible, sometimes it is very tight, sometimes it sucks. In "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" is annoying.

"Need for Speed: Most Wanted" is a kind of remake of an old "Need for Speed" part. Except for the name and the venue but it has little in common with the old game. Confusing? Regardless, the main thing, it is "Need for Speed" on the cover. The ongoing series since 1994 has since spawned countless parts for almost all gaming platforms. Two years ago, has "Need for Speed", the brand exceeded 100 million games sold, making it one of the most successful gaming brands ever. What does not necessarily means that each part is a good game. Especially in recent years, some default was recorded. "Need for Speed: The Run" for example, who wanted to be a road movie, but with a bland story and gameplay mauem failed. Luckily though, there are always highlights.

Car crashes are presented visually perfect

"Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit" from 2010 is one of them, "Most Wanted" also. Even if it has some quirks. Both games were developed by Criterion, an English club, which has become known primarily for its "Burnout" series. Games in which it went about its cars as perfectly designed to go to waste and causing spectacular crashes. Some elements of this series can be found in "Most Wanted" again. The slow motion especially in the games camera directly holds on accident. And slows the game down from 200 km / h to zero and thus the perfect visual translation of a crash is. Because it celebrates precisely the moment in which one is ripped out suddenly from the rush of speed. You can feel it almost physically.

Between port facilities and mountain sections are held races on the old highways and rail lines. In the dark, the blue lights of the pursuing police flicker dangerous even during the day the sparks fly yet clear if one has once again not been able to dodge a spike strip, and continue resting on the rim. Actually, so could all be good at "Need for Speed: Most Wanted."

If not for the rubber band would. This ensures racing at some frightening scenes. Especially in combination with the ever-present traffic. Have I dropped far off the opponent and get almost the afterburner aircraft speeds in order to attack me just before the finish line again. Fieser, the game now sends a transverse of trucks, which the opponent dodge with incredible hooks. I did not. What remains is the last place. This is what happens not just once, but often. Too often. Which is why I now prefer to go through the area, searching for the hidden in the countryside cars and deliver me from time to chase with the police. Namely that makes fun.

"Need for Speed: Most Wanted "from Electronic Arts, including for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, from 40 euros; USK: From 12 years.

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