Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Assassin's Creed III: This game is almost too big

The story spans centuries, as a whole, the game has sold 40 million copies - is now a new part of the series came out: In "Assassin's Creed III," you shall not lift up by Europe, but across America during the Revolutionary War. A good idea, with quirks in detail.

The ending is not the end. Luckily. The conclusion brings to an end only gripe at the "Assassin's Creed" series always: The pointless complicated "Dan Brown meets all conspiracy theories in the world "plot to the main character Desmond. Hopefully the now gone forever, but not the number. The more important part of "Assassin's Creed" series of games for climbing, creeping, death-defying professional killer through the ages makes namely still a lot of fun.

But from the beginning: In every part of the now ongoing for five years series is about to travel to a certain age and there have adventures. Overall, about forty million times the parts of the series have sold combined.

In the first part we toured the medieval Middle East with cities such as Jerusalem and Damascus, in the second it is the Italian Renaissance. Then came two unnumbered sequels, another in Italy, one in Istanbul. Now, in "Assassin's Creed III," it comes to revolutionary America in the late 18th Century. All of the many cities are beautiful modeled to wander through them and herumzuklettern in them is always a pleasure.

Ominous presentations of goddesses

The developers probably not believed that this time travel work without overriding story, and so they invented Desmond. This descendant of the Assassins is kidnapped by the current members of the Templar Order and sent to a device called the Animus. With this, he travels to the past, in the simulated body of several of his ancestors, the assassins in order to assassinate powerful Templar.

Throughout the series, he has - in our presence - freed from the hands of the Templars, and is now with his own band on the road. Unfortunately, Desmond is a pain, which actually has no desire on their job. Made in the new part is to save the world. Desmond argues with his father, looking ominous energy sources and listen again and again to lectures by goddesses who want him verschwurbelt explain what in the history of how it all went wrong and only Desmond can change that. Ignored the best one as best I can, and turns to the actual game.

Jumps in the haystack

In "Assassin's Creed III," but one is confused once. Actually, one should still play a Native American. Instead, open a nice man not necessarily the game in the game, inside the Animus. Who is it and what is all this will not tell you. Except: It is the beginning of a very cleverly knotted history and also a successful tutorial, presented in the small for veterans can expect new features and will learn in the other broad lines of control. So much to do, however, that this introduction takes almost two hours. It is. Everything a little too much in "Assassin's Creed III"

Protagonist Connor can free forts, attack convoys, make neighborhoods safe. It can build a small village in the wilderness playing postman, hunt or run really spectacular naval battles. He can start a Assassins Guild and manage, trade, collect various kinds of objects, while away the time with board games. And above all: He can climb and run as accurately as its predecessors. And that's important.

In all the "Assassin's Creed" parts it's all about namely, to explore the space. Not just roads and paths run along, but climb up walls, jumping from roof to roof to use the cities as a playground. And occasionally climb again to the highest building and admire from above the area and then with a daring jump down again plunging into a haystack, which is indeed silly -. But exciting Again and again, in the new part. There are now the fledgling towns of New England, such as Boston or New York, but the dense forest, which can be traversed in different levels by jumping from tree to tree - the open world of "Assassin's Creed III" is breathtaking and awe . The tallest trees you can climb just as before the spiers of Florence or the minarets of Istanbul.

The oppressed are threatening to become oppressors

Here, however, Connor shows the same weaknesses as its predecessor. Again and again he runs solid, jumps on the run from guards by mistake to a window clings tightly and can not be solved as quickly as they need to escape. It is as if he could actually run wonderfully fluid, but will every now and then abruptly pulled the cloak and stumbles. And no umpire stands, contains a warning. For the many rides on horseback is similar: Again and again one remains stuck somewhere.

The fights usually work smoothly, especially if you take your time allows, awaiting the right moment and not panic trying to push all the buttons simultaneously. This inevitably leads to death, or as they say here, the loss of sync, resulting in a constantly reminds people that the actual character is just in one unit and embarks on a journey through time.

One should remember the story better and follow Connors. The Indians, who supported Samuel Adams, George Washington stands to the side, again and again against the British and their supporters are fighting and in the end it must recognize that the oppressed are in the process itself to be oppressors. Only that "Assassin's Creed III" takes a short but no less impressive view of this often embezzled part of the founding myth of the United States, the game deserves respect.

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