Monday, November 12, 2012

"The Ville" : Electronic Arts Sues Zynga

Zynga go for the bad times even further: Electronic Arts takes legal action against the kings of the Facebook games. Entitled "The Ville" is just a copy of "The Sims Social". But the makers of "Farmville" poisons back.
Seen it all, Electronic Arts / Maxis says in a blog post , namely at Electronic Arts: The game "The Ville" is largely a copy of "The Sims Social". The manager of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw, writes that the overall appearance of the animation and also the movements of the characters are one-to-one taken from the EA game, could at first glance no longer distinguish between the two games.

In "The Sims", the player can create a virtual world: build houses, make friends, earn money. And as "The Sims Social 'is on Facebook, you can also play with real friends. Play three million users per day, since the release in August 2011 were $ 50 million taken, said Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, on an investor conference on 31 July (PDF).

Zynga, the largest gaming companies on Facebook, published "The Ville" almost a year later , in June 2012. Overall, according to the company while playing 72 million people daily games from Zynga, but the proceeds go back yet. The last has share 40 percent of their lost value. To the allegations reacted Zynga's counsel , Reggie Davis, sarcastically: "Electronic Arts shows that only that they did not understand the basic principles of copyright."

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