Monday, February 6, 2012

"Final Fantasy XIII-2", the odyssey of the space-time

Last episode of the epic saga from Square-Enix, Final Fantasy XIII-2 , released Friday, February 3 on XBox and Playstation 3 is not a sequel, but a new beginning. In 2010, the previous album, interwoven story of six people on the planet Cocoon, was the subject of much criticism.

Despite his world that is both serious and poetic, its combat system effective, the Adventure, a rare linearity, multiplied corridors inept, without leaving any freedom. Final Fantasy XIII-2 , history of Serah, a party to the Lightning search of his sister in the corridors of time, sounding rather like an episode amended by the players.

First, by offering a more open world. On the sidelines of the main plot, FF XIII-2 is rich in non-player characters, variety of areas to explore , which offer players many quests. The player is also freer to understand its objectives.

However, some features that are new cranes, such as multiple choice dialogues, but the result leaves little doubt. It's the same for "cinematic battles", which are only quick-time events added to the clashes.

Making temporal paradoxes at the heart of its gameplay, Final Fantasy XIII-2 also abolished the linearity of the scenario. This is not the first time a Japanese role-playing game takes up the theme of time travel. But in FF XIII-2 , it is the whole gaming experience that is transformed. To resolve the temporal paradoxes, Serah, accompanied by Noel must go parallel worlds, giving a new dimension to the title .

With this system, the experience of role play is certainly more fragmented, more uneven. but much more interesting and original ... Except when such a device allows the player helpless, without any indication of the task he must accomplish . The player must also deal with quite winded early hours (about thirty in all), much less charged with dramatic tension as in the previous installment.


If Final Fantasy XIII-2 attempts to erase the faults of his predecessor, he also knows how to reclaim the qualities. The title re-uses a system of fighting succeeded, combining strength and tactics. Battles take place in real time, but the player has the opportunity to choose , at any time between offensive or defensive strategy rather, he has already cooked up.

The system is less rich than in the previous installment, since the number of playable characters, and thus configurations fighters, is less. This gap is only partly mitigated by the introduction of familiar creatures that can be tamed by the player and used in combat.

Coastal villages of Neo-Futurist aesthetic Bodhum at the Augusta Tower , passing through the plant world of Sunleth, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is also known distill his world of science fiction and magic. Serah and Noel, the hero of this adventure confronted with mysterious alter ego, but the characters are far less charismatic than in the previous episode.

If it is not yet commensurate with the best episodes of the saga, Final Fantasy XIII-2 revives in part with the illustrious past of the series.

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