Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zynga develops in the mobile game

The social game publisher Zynga is looking for new growth. After having invested heavily in games on social networks, the start-up that comes from being floated, bought four studios that specialize in mobile gaming, reports Reuters, Wednesday, Jan. 18. The sum total of these purchases was not indicated.

Zynga has acquired the German company Gamedoctors in December, but Page44 Studios, whose headquarters are in San Francisco , and bringing the independent game World of Goo on mobile devices. Another company on the West Coast, HipLogic, was acquired in August, as the studio Astro Ape, also states Reuters. According to the website dedicated Crunchbase , Zynga had already invested about $ 27 million (21 million).


With over 220 million monthly players, according to App Data , Zynga is the leader in games on Facebook. Initially offering games like Cityville or Farmville , mechanics of simple games, Zynga then proposed more complex securities, such as gambling surveys Hidden Chronicles . One way to distinguish from increased competition, particularly from Electronic Arts , very aggressive on social networks.

This initiative comes as the action of Zynga trouble taking off . In his introduction on the stock market, mid-December, Zynga has marketed 100 million shares at a price of 10 dollars (7.7 euros). In closing, Wednesday, Jan. 18, the share was 8.65 dollars (6.75 euros).

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