Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A selection of XBLA games and XBL Indie

Rock of Ages (800 MSP)
Marble Madness in the land of Monty Python ... Returning to the aesthetic shifted worthy collages of Terry Gilliam, Rock of Ages, which allows the player to lead ... a rolling stone, revisits a humorous history of the world. The game is no less demanding, the As levels, the courses are more tortuous, and enemies, from Charlemagne to Dracula, are becoming tougher.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile (800 MSP)
A kind of black comic interactive Vampire Smile, 2D beat'em all, is worthy of the most fascinating graphic novels, combining martial arts, futuristic world and references to zombies ... Very dark, served by an excellent soundtrack (electro and industrial rock), the game handles the tones of black, white and gray, the monotony is broken only by the many bunches of blood that occur on the screen. The Dishwasher, also stands out for its game mechanics, giving the player a unique feeling of virtusosité macabre.

Trine 2 (MSP 1200)
The game blends action Frozenbyte, platforms and puzzles. To overcome the different levels, the player will have to use three heroes: magician, archer and soldier. By combining the skills of each, the gameplay is gaining in richness and variety: combat, levitate objects, moving through the hook .... The game was hailed for its colorful graphics, is also accompanied by a narrative form of storytelling.

Bastion (1200 MSP)
with Bastion, the young Californian studio Supergiant Games wants to revive the game of adventure and action. In this hack and slash with poetic accents, battles are diverse and dynamic strengths of many weapons and upgrades available ... In this sense, the game sounds at first like a tribute to the genre on consoles 8 and 16 bits. Bastion but especially provides a narrative original, based on oral tradition. Using all the tricks of the story, the game gives great prominence to a narrator who accompanies the player's actions.

Escape Goat (240 MSP)
After Jeff Minter games which depict strong friendly animals, the llama at Minotaur through the giraffe and the camel is the turn of the studio Magical Time Bean to deliver a game that the character main ... a goat. Between playing platform and puzzle game, the player must help the animal, accused of witchcraft, to escape from labyrinths of ever more complex and deadly. Like Super Meat Boy, Escape Goat cultivates this side "soon killed up soon," which pushes the player to try his luck again and again.

Sequence (240 MSP)
Combining elements of role-playing game and rhythm, Sequence is a nightmare if you do not have any sense of rhythm. Iridium Studio offers original gameplay and driving through seven levels that the player will move to free the character of this strange turn populated by monsters. At first glance, the combat system seems fairly standard: defense, attack and magic powers. But to start the selected action, the player must reproduce the rhythm, the actions that scroll across the screen ... and beat his opponent in the time allotted: the length of a piece of music.

TEC 3001 (240 MSP)
ran faster and faster, avoid obstacles while collecting batteries. The concept of TEC 3001 is very simple, and yet the studio Phoenix Games was able to offer a set speed and exhilarating challenge. Over 20 levels, the player must guide an android super-fast in a color-changing urban world. Jumps, turbo slides are added to the dizziness caused by this rat race.

Block That Matters (240 MSP)
created by the French Swing Swing Submarine, which Seasons Fall After teasing and challenge long, Block That Matters features the Tetrobot, curious character cube topped with a drill. The player is responsible for freeing Alexei and Markus (a tribute to the creators of Tetris and Minecraft). The gameplay also varies between platforms and puzzle, and prolongs the puzzle of 40 levels. During the month of December, the creators of the game have also proposed an original Advent calendar, with a selection of the best levels made ​​by users .

DLC Quest (80 MSP)
kidnapée A princess, a hero charged with overcoming obstacles to free ... The recipe is known. However, the pieces collected by the character in his quest will not be used to improve weapons and armor: as its name implies, the player DLC Quest requires the purchase of each option to give substance to the game: sword, gun but also jump backwards ... Even the sound effects are optional. It regrets, however, the extremely short lifetime of the game amusing though, the concept seems very anecdotal once the game ended ... in ten minutes.

Stacking (1200 MSP)
Double Fine will again surprise, offering the player to play as a Russian doll. The game mechanics, facetious, then put on the pull-out puzzles. To progress, the player can indeed fit into other larger dolls. Each also has specific capabilities, to act in specific circumstances. With such gameplay, the designers take an almost inexhaustible source of comic situations. That we should foment a coup in the kitchen, or angry a whole school of Russian dolls cruise, Stacking plays cleverly on misunderstanding and chain reactions.

But Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and successful art direction. Dead Pixels and his screenplay to Romero 8bits, or 21st Street Games for the atmosphere epileptic Nyan Techno Cat and Kitten Adventure Adventure.

Finally, special mention to Spooky Squid Games for the teasing of Theys Bleed Pixels . Hopefully now that the game sees the day in 2012

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