Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Play Free Mahjong Games

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites where people can play games for free and even participate in tournaments. Mahjong is one of those games on-line in Facebook that is available for Facebook fans. Players can continue and practice an unlimited amount of games or time or bet Facebook "money" to play in tournaments.

Various Sites To Play - But Be Cautious

There are various sites where players can plan an on-line game of Majong and it's played exactly the same way that the game is played with the traditional tiles - players take turns matching the tiles.

Something that makes these sites so much fun is that the Mahjong game is available and has a variety of different tiles to pick from, including the traditional Confucius style, a Shanghai style, a version with different pets (that's great for teaching young kids how to play the game), Celtic style, food Majong. Actually some sites have over 60 different styles of tiles for this fun, strategic on-line game. and

Millions of people get their e-mail through hotmail, MSN, or and most either have or as their home page. Members can click on the Entertainment link and select games on or on can simply select games on the yahoo sidebar. There are hundreds of games available and one thing that makes it even more fun is the different patterns to select for the Mahjong tiles. One version that is really unique is the Mahjong Dimensions, which is a three dimensional cube of Mahjong tiles - quite a challenging version.

People are always asking where to play free Mahjong games on the internet. They keep looking for sites that have a variety of Mahjong styles with different styles including three dimensional cubes and other interesting patterns. Majong is a fun game that has been played for many centuries and it's just as much fun for players on-line as it is with the tiles at the dining room table.

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